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Ryleigh Renee

Author Bio

I’ve been reading romance novels since I was a teenager. The fantasy worlds authors created where love is found were worlds to get lost in. At twenty, I hand wrote the first draft of Land Lover. I wanted to write a love story with twists and turns and not be restricted to the few number of pages causing the lovers to fall in love instantaneously. Love grows. Attraction can be felt in an instant, but love flourishes with time. Philip Michaels and Randall Pierce are characters that became friends to me. However, after rejection letters from Harlequinn and Silhouette, the hand-written novel was tucked away until almost 20 years later. Reading and editing the manuscript was like finding long-lost friends. Attempting to make the dream come true, I self-published a hard copy of Land Lover in 2008. Friends who bought and read this debut novel told me they were surprised at how good the read was. Many requested I write a story for Philip’s brother, a secondary character in Land Lover (which seemed an impossibility at the time).

A few more years passed, and the desire to write and share these stores is still strong. Now Land Lover is again self-published as an eBook with a new cover that truly fits the storyline. And more stories have been written for characters creating not a single novel, but creating the Michaels Legacy. It is my hope readers will not only enjoy Philip and Randi’s story, but those that will follow.

I hope you enjoy my debut novel and will enjoy future books I am working on getting out there in eBook format.